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Transforming Spaces with Radiant Luxury- Gold Leaf Plating Services from the Industry Pros

Gold has been a symbol of luxury and royalty since time immemorial. From the times of kings and queens till today, when we see three stars and five-star hotels adorned with gold plating- there hasn’t been a time when gold was considered out of fashion. At Gold Leaf- Silver, we have combined the timeless art of gold plating into today’s contemporary aesthetics. From ordinary walls to detailed architectural elements and backgrounds that exude oomph and grandeur- our Gold Leaf Plating Services can do it all!

Brief Overview of Gold Plating

What is Gold Leaf?

Gold Leaf is a type of very thin, delicate sheet of pure gold that’s commonly used for gilding surfaces, such as wood, metal, or glass, to give them a luxurious and decorative appeal. It’s made by hammering gold into extremely thin sheets, sometimes as thin as 1/250,000 of an inch, creating a material that is lightweight and can be easily used for art.

We offer Imitation Gold Leaf Plating imported from Italy. The best part about our services is we can offer Gold Leaf Plating in different textures from Crushed Gold Leaf to crackled and burnt effect, you can choose different textures that add a stunning effect to any surface. Gold Leaf Application isn’t just for making surfaces shiny it is also a scintillating art form that elevates the overall aesthetic of a surface and adds a wow factor to it! For instance, we create stunning gold leaf patterns on Pichwai art.

How? The artist creates the art, and our artisans plate gold leaf as the base colour. They use special adhesive to add the leaf and add a coat of protection for that natural shine. From Mughal and Rajasthani art to ceilings and walls, we can make any art work feel majestic with a little touch of gold. Besides, we also do gold leafing on furniture carving, wardrobes, cabinets, mirror frames or any intricate piece that our clients want to make more luxurious.

How to Apply Gold Leaf?

To Apply Gold Leaf, we prepare the surface with wall sanding, acrylic putty, and italic sealer. Then we polish the surface for a smooth finish, apply adhesive, carefully place the gold leaf, and brush away excess. The art work is finished with a protective coating, and talking about the finish, you can choose from lacquer, matte, or clear acrylic finishes for magnificent and, long-lasting result. We Apply Gold Leaf on mirror frames, side table, furniture, ceilings, walls, chairs, and more to add that touch of luxury to any surface.

Why Choose Us?

Well, whether you choose Antique Leafing to add a vintage touch to your modern home, or need our Gold Leaf Plating Services to add that extra shine to your minimal space, we have the expertise and team to bring your vision to life. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the art of gilding, our craftsmen possess the expertise and skill to execute gold leaf plating with precision and attention to detail. We have worked for many renowned establishments ranging from hotels like Taj Mansingh HotelTaj in New Delhi to Ashoka HotelClaridges HotelGolden Temple and Jaypee Group. Each project is approached with the utmost care and dedication using the finest materials and customized client demands.

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