Gold Leaf Painting

Gold Leaf-Silver Leaf: Transforming Spaces, One Gilded Brushstroke at a Time!

Hospitality and art are intertwined since time immemorial. However, for brands that want a premium yet divine aura for their grand paintings on their hotel lobby, corridor, or suite rooms, Gold Leaf Painting is the way to go. It can be a stunning Pichwai painting or a Pattachitra, but if the art doesn’t do much for your space because it lacks that luxurious finish, you can always call us for our Gold Leaf Painting Services!

At Gold Leaf-Silver, we offer impeccable Gold Leaf Painting Services that can transform any ordinary work of art into extraordinary focal points. From vines and flowers to gilding life-like structures with artificial gold leaf, we can spark life into anything with our imported, imitation gold leaf plating over artworks. With our premium grade materials that stand the taste of time, we offer custom gold plating services with a keen attention to detail. From gilding artworks on walls to faux finishes, mural paintings of whimsical scenes, decorative painting involving techniques such as stenciling, trompe l’oeil, and intricate patterns, or restoration of damaged painting surfaces with luxurious gold leafing- we can do it all!

Want to experience the magic of our Gold Leaf Painting Services and experience the gold leaf difference? Schedule a free consultation today!

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