Champagne Leafing – Adding Luxury To Your Space

Champagne Leafing is a gilding technique that adds a touch of luxury and elegance to various surfaces. At Gold Leaf-Silver, we help you incorporate this centuries-old art form into your modern space. Whether you want champagne leaf for furniture, mirror frames, or cabinets or to create artwork, its captivating allure turns an ordinary surface into an extraordinary piece of art.

What is an Imitation Champagne Leaf?

Imitation Champagne Leaf mimics the glimmer and metallic look of the real champagne leaf but is more affordable.

Our premium imitation leaves are imported from Italy and give you the luxurious aesthetic of champagne leaves without the expense of using real metals. They are also more durable than other metal leaf options, so that the beauty of the surface remains unaltered for years.

Our champagne leaves are available in a variety of textures, such as burned leaf, crackle leaf and crushed leaf for you to choose from, so you can elevate the look of your interiors further with a stunning texture.

Imitation Champagne Leafing can be used to add some oomph and grandeur to a myriad of surfaces like –

  • Artists use them to enhance the aesthetics of different artworks. They are also frequently used in various art restoration projects.
  • Designers and architects use Imitation Champagne Leafing in luxurious projects to add a shiny metallic finish that exudes timelessness.
  • They are also ubiquitous in lavish commercial and residential spaces, embellishing the walls, ceilings, furnitures, bed frames and mirror frames.

How to Apply Champagne Leaf?

  • For the Champagne Leaf Application, we first sand the surface of the application to smoothen it, then apply acrylic putty and seal it off with an Italian sealer.
  •  Next, we move ahead by applying a special adhesive to the entire surface and allow it to dry until tacky.
  • We follow it up by carefully placing the Champagne Leaf on it and brushing off any excess.
  • With a protective coating in lacquer, matte or clear acrylic finishes, the process is done.
  • Plus, we can add acrylic colours to your art if you want to customize it further by adding some contrast or highlighting some details.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose to work with us, you get years of industry expertise and a team of artisans dedicated to providing you with the best results. As one of the best Champagne Leaf Applicators in the country, we’ve been relied upon for high-profile endeavours from reputed establishments like The Golden Temple, Taj Mansingh Hotel, Taj in New Delhi, Ashoka Hotel, Claridges Hotel and Jaypee Group.

Each project is handled with immense care using the finest materials in the market, ensuring you get the look you’ve envisioned.

If you are looking for best Gold Leaf / Silver Leaf / Gilding / Champagne Leafing near you then contact on 8512000888.

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