Revitalize Your Interiors With Copper Gilding

Celebrated for its surreal sheen and durability, the ancient art of Copper Gilding has traversed centuries. At Gold Leaf-Silver, we bring the timeless luminosity and versatility of copper to your modern home using Imitation Copper Leaves. Whether you want to Apply Copper Leaf on a ceiling or a piece of furniture, we help you add the beauty and elegance of copper to any surface of your choice.

What is Imitation Copper Leaf?

Real copper gets tarnished overtime due to prolonged exposure to oxygen. Our top-notch Imitation Copper Leaf imported from Italy helps you incorporate the spark of copper without worrying about wear and tear.

We offer imitation copper in various textures like plain, crackled, burned and crushed, so now you get to play around with textures while adorning your interiors with coppery luxury.

Imitation Copper Leafing can be applied to various surfaces to make it a scintillating beauty.

  • Imitation Copper Leaves are used extensively on ceilings, walls and columns of various lavish spaces.
  • They are used to elevate the looks of various artworks, such as Rajasthani, Pichwai and Mughlai, making them appear even more premium.
  • It is also used to give a glorious look to various surfaces such as furniture, door frames, photo frames and mirrors and much more.

How is Copper Leaf Applied?

  • To start copper leafing, we need to build a smooth base. To do that, we first sand the surface of the application, then apply acrylic putty and seal it off with an Italian sealer.
  • Next, we move ahead by applying a special adhesive called side to the entire surface and follow it up by carefully placing the copper leaf on it and brushing off any excess.
  • We conclude the process with a protective coating in lacquer, matte or clear acrylic finishes so that the copper leafing stays in mint condition for years.

Additionally, we can also add acrylic colour to the surface of leaf application to further elevate its aesthetics.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you want to incorporate the vintage patina of copper through ancient leafing or want to give your interiors a radiant makeover, our skilled and experienced craftsmen meticulously execute the gilding process with the finest materials in the market, leaving no room for complaints.

As one of the Best Copper Leaf Applicators in Delhi, Gurgaon, India, we take pride in our exceptional customer service and ardent dedication to each project. We have handled prestigious projects for notable establishments like The Golden Temple, Taj Mansingh Hotel, Taj in New Delhi, Ashoka Hotel, Claridges Hotel and Jaypee Group.

If you are looking for best Gold Leaf / Silver Leaf / Gilding / Champagne Leafing near you then contact on 8512000888.

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