What is Gold Leafing and how does it add glamour to your home?

What is Gold Leafing and how does it add glamour to your home?

The love for gold can’t be underestimated.

Gold is not just a metal for us, it’s a symbol of purity, opulence and royalty. And that’s why it’s been used as a decorative material in art and architecture for centuries. From ancient monuments to present day furniture, Gold has found its way into our daily lives. Gold leafing is a great way to add shimmer and glow to your existing furniture.

What is Gold Leafing or Gilding?

Gold Leaf, also known as gold foil, is gold that has been hammered into thin sheets. Layering the gold leaf onto a surface is called Gold Leafing or Gilding. It is extensively used in architecture, ceilings, furniture, walls, photo frames, artefacts and so much more. Gold leafing furniture and using gold leaf on walls are much sought after in India.

The gold leafing technique turns home interiors into chic, elegant pieces of art that exudes royalty and grandeur.

Click here to view photos of Gold Leafing on interiors.

Also, watch this video of gold leaf being applied on the ceiling.

Karats of Gold Leaf:

Gold leaf is available in different karats, mainly:

i. 24K Gold Leaf – It is 99.9% gold and is yellowish in appearance. It is the most durable gold leaf and will not tarnish over time.
ii. 22K Gold Leaf – It’s approximately 92% gold.
iii. 12K Gold Leaf – It is 50% gold and 50% silver (usually).

Different shades of Gold Leaf:

When other metals get mixed with gold, the color of gold leaf gets changed into the following:

i. Whiter shade: When gold is mixed with silver
ii. Redder shade: When gold is mixed with copper
iii. Moon gold shade: When gold is mixed with palladium

Thickness of Gold Leaf:

Usually gold leaf is sold as single thickness. However in the market, double and triple thickness are also available. Double gold has 20% more gold than single thickness leaf while triple one has 40% more.

What is the difference between Gold Leaf and Gold Paint?

Gold paints are mostly water-based paints with some metallic pigments that give the look of gold. However, the quality of gold paints is much inferior to that of gold leaf. The heavier the leaf, the more durable and resistant it is. Therefore, heavy gold leaf can withstand hard climatic and environmental conditions for a long period of time as compared to gold paints.
Watch this video of gold leaf applied on a pillar.


If you’re looking to spruce up the glamour quotient of your interiors and add a dash of luxury and warmth, gold leafing is your answer. One of the most asked questions is “Is gold leaf expensive?” The answer is that it depends on the type of gilding you desire. As already discussed, gold leaf is available in different karats (the purer the gold in the gold leaf, the more expensive it is) so you can choose from the options as per your budget. If you are in India, click here to avail gold leaf (gilding) services and get ready to witness a royal makeover of your home!